From lodging and outings, to day trips and dining reservations, Red Carpet Austin will customize your itinerary to ensure you and your party are spending quality time at all of the right places. We use our local knowledge and 25-years-worth of relationships to not only make educated activity suggestions, but also hold reservations at the best restaurants and bars in town, and secure discounted group rates where possible. Not matter what kind of experience you want to create, Red Carpet Austin will guide you on your unique Austin adventure, and be with you every step of the way.



Congrats on getting your buddy this far; we know it probably wasn’t easy. But, it does mean you and the guys are about to embark on an adventure. Before you start stressing, just relax... we've got this. Red Carpet Austin is prepared to design a customized party package that won’t disappoint. Our priority is putting you and your crew in the right spot, with right atmosphere, with right style – without wasting your time. We’ll do most of the work, while you take credit for a memorable, or even epic, bachelor party experience!

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If you’ve planned one, you know that a bachelorette party can be time-consuming, stressful, costly and frustrating if you’re unfamiliar with the destination. That’s where we come in; let Red Carpet Austin take some (we wish we could cover it all) of the stress out of planning. There are countless wedding sites to help the bride plan her big day, but what about sites dedicated to helping her friends plan the big night out or weekend getaway with the girls? After all, a bachelorette party is one of the fondest memories you and your gal pals will share. We’ll help you navigate the best venues in Austin and recommend a variety of activities and outings, based on your preferences, to ensure the bride-to-be’s bachelorette experience is special, unique, and most importantly, fun. We take pride in getting you the best pricing in town!

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Do you bleed burnt orange? Perhaps the opposite? Either way, football season is upon us, and Red Carpet Austin is ready to plan your perfect game day weekend getaway. Instead of pondering over all your questions, let us worry about details while you and your group enjoy the big game. We’ve experienced enough games to confidently recommend the best ticket vendors, tailgating options, pregame venues and postgame fun. Join us, and let’s do game day the right way.


  • Organize Tailgate Set Up
  • Coordinate Transportation to and from Game
  • Reserving Large Group Hotels or Short Term Rental Housing
  • Plan All Reservations

If you want custom, we’ll give you custom…Simply tell us what you want to do, see, eat and experience, and we’ll make it happen. From a relaxing friends weekend spent entirely at the spa, to a rowdy bachelor party that any man would envy, to a family getaway that's sure to charm the kids, we’ve got you covered. The weekend is ours to plan and yours to enjoy. Tell us how to customize your Austin Experience and we’ll do our best to get things right.